Thursday, November 8, 2012


Vance was 7 Months on the 5th!!
Wow how time flies!!! I can't believe my little baby is this big! Growing more and more every single day! I love watching him grow up and discover the world for himself. My favorite is walking into the room and seeing his toothless smile instantly stretch from ear to ear and to see him get so excited! I immediately know that he loves me too! There is no better feeling in the world! He is so precious and couldn't imagine my life any different. 

We ended up back in Raymond last week and stayed for Halloween! We loved it! So much fun to be with family for Vance's first Halloween! He seemed not to mind being in his cute little raccoon costume  for hours to show off how cute he was! Cole and I dressed up as a raccoon mom and dad! We had so much fun!! We love Halloween! 

Also on our trek back to Rexburg we figured out that Vance was teething... Started to feel some little teeth making their way out. Poor baby I hate that it's probably hurting him so much! I just think of how much my mouth hurts when my wisdom teeth decide they want to push their way to the top! Plus when we got into our apartment late that night we figured out that both his bottem front teeth are coming in at the same time! O the pain.... He seems to be bothered the most by them at night time but thank goodness for orijel and baby tylenol!! But he is still a pretty happy baby!! 
Look at those nasty little teeth. Making their way out!


  1. hahaha what a little cutie!! Seriously, he is to die for!!

  2. Ya I agree with Jenni here he has the cutest lil smile! Such a doll!