Thursday, November 8, 2012


Vance was 7 Months on the 5th!!
Wow how time flies!!! I can't believe my little baby is this big! Growing more and more every single day! I love watching him grow up and discover the world for himself. My favorite is walking into the room and seeing his toothless smile instantly stretch from ear to ear and to see him get so excited! I immediately know that he loves me too! There is no better feeling in the world! He is so precious and couldn't imagine my life any different. 

We ended up back in Raymond last week and stayed for Halloween! We loved it! So much fun to be with family for Vance's first Halloween! He seemed not to mind being in his cute little raccoon costume  for hours to show off how cute he was! Cole and I dressed up as a raccoon mom and dad! We had so much fun!! We love Halloween! 

Also on our trek back to Rexburg we figured out that Vance was teething... Started to feel some little teeth making their way out. Poor baby I hate that it's probably hurting him so much! I just think of how much my mouth hurts when my wisdom teeth decide they want to push their way to the top! Plus when we got into our apartment late that night we figured out that both his bottem front teeth are coming in at the same time! O the pain.... He seems to be bothered the most by them at night time but thank goodness for orijel and baby tylenol!! But he is still a pretty happy baby!! 
Look at those nasty little teeth. Making their way out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A little bit of October!

What have we been up to lately...
O nothing really....

My family came to visit for Canadian thanksgiving!! Yes I know that was a long time ago but yes they did come and yes it was SOOO FUN! We squeezed everyone into our tiny two bedroom apartment and it was a blast! It was the parents and Rhett and Bradee!! They came late Friday night and stayed all the way till Monday morning! Since they came Mom showed me the ropes on how to make a yummy Thanksgiving dinner!! It was a success in our tiny work space to prepare a dinner for 6 and it was delicious!! I'm sure the downstairs neighbors loved us because we were having way to much fun!!

It was also Conference that same week!! So fun to have everyone here to listen to our prophet and his apostles!! Loved all the talks... Need to get the Ensign with all the talks!!

Vance had so much fun with everyone here... Literally did not want to miss a thing. Didn't want to take his regular naps. He must have thought he would miss out on too much. If he was to sleep he would take a nap for 15 minutes... tops!! But he was such a good baby though.

Waiting for dinner! 

Then mean while Vancey poo decided he is growing and he wants human food sooo.... we have introduced Vance baby food!! He LOVES it!! But would probably love to eat actual food... watching me and Cole like a hawk when we eat our food.  He eats his pablum so good and actually love to eat his veggies!!! Never thought he would ever like green beans and carrots but those could possibly be his favorites! The kinds he doesn't like are the ones I thought he would love.... apples and peaches.... Takes him awhile to actually let me feed it to him!! What a kid!!

Sweet Potatoes Mmmmm!!! 

Loves to show off his tricks with Dad!! 

O what did we do next.... Well I actually got to see JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! I know, I know you are all jealous!! The lucky girl Bradee got some tickets for her birthday back in June and the kind sweet soul she is let me and Mom come with her!! I don't know if you know this but Bradee LOVES i mean LOOOOVVVEEESSS Justin Bieber!! She is the kind of girl that has more than 5 posters up in her room and owns the J.B. perfume... You know the girls that you watch screaming and crying when they see him... Well that's my cute sister!! I take full credit of converting her to the Justin loving side!!

So anyway we traveled home Thursday night got there late then in the afternoon Bradee, Mom and I started to drive to Calgary!! So excited!!! Cole took care of Vance while I was gone. What a great husband... He got to see what I do in a day!! And might I add that Cole did a fantastic job of being a Mom for a day! :) They met us at the hotel after we were done the concert.

When we got to the concert we immediately stood in the never ending line to get our J.B. t-shirts!! Bradee had it all planned out what she was going to get!! We finally got our t-shirts, Bradee got her 3 shirts, and we had only a couple minutes before it was going to start! Soooo exciting, I don't think I have seen Bradee more excited! They counted down from 10 minutes till Justin was coming on the stage... Girls were screaming every time 1 more minute was shaved off... Finally he came out and Bradee was jumping, screaming, crying, laughing.... everything me and my mom were laughing so hard and screaming with her!! Say the least we had a good time and loved every minute of it!!

We are ready!

3 more seconds!!!! 

wayyyy too excited!!

Boyfriend Boyfriend you can be Bradee's Boyfriend

It's Justin  It's Justin!!! 

In Heaven!

The next day everyone met us at our hotel... Grandma, Grandpa and the brothers and their girly friends!! We all went over to the open house of the Calgary temple!! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was so pretty I definitely want to go back some day and go through a session when it's actually open! It was so fun to be there with the whole fam jam! Vance was super good too! He fell asleep in Grandpa Randy's arms in the celestial room!! So cute.... I looked over and yes... Grandpa Randy did have some tears in his eyes of course!! :)

We love to see the temple!! 

We have been having fun and now I guess we are getting ready for winter.... :(

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Driving with Vance

Driving to Rexburg.... why yes it was fun!! 

Cole and I have been so use to picking up and going whenever we felt like it and driving like banshees to get home. We would hardly stop and if we did it was for a bathroom break and to fill up for gas! And of course, we would blare the music and sing at the top of our lungs! 

But it is different with a little one in the car!! Vance loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse!!! I mean LOVES IT!! If he is upset that's what we put on and he immediately stops fussing. One day he decided that he HATED his car seat!! He would rather be sitting up and looking at everything! He is a curious little fellow! So what did we do you might ask to make him happy in his car seat?! Well we found him some Mickey to watch!! He now loves to sit in his car seat! Cole and I have found a new love for Mickey.... and if you want us to sing you the Mickey song we could sing it word for word and also probably quote to you a couple episodes as well! This came in handy while driving. And did we blare the music... well yes we did "It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse come inside it's fun inside!"  

Driving to Rexburg with Vance was pretty good!! He is a great little boy and we stopped a couple times for him to stretch his cute little chubby legs!! 

Getting some fresh air! 

We stopped and did some shopping. Something we have never done before because we are always hurrying to get home!! Vance loved looking around in Costco! 

Yes... we travel in our PJ's! 

We made it safe and sound to our little apartment in Rexburg!! We were so proud of Vance and for how well he did with the long drive. I will always remember when I was a kid the drive to Lethbridge was wayyy to long!! 

To sum it all up we loved our new experience with driving to Rexburg! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Blogger

I finally took the time to figure out how to start my own blog!! Everyone seems to be doing it and always thought it looked like to much work and was to lazy to figure out how to get it started. Since I am new and don't know how to work this yet please bare with me as I try to figure this out. 

Cole, Vance and I have been in Rexburg for almost a month now and we love it so much!! We love having our own little place with Vance.  It's hard to believe this is the last time we will be here since Cole will be graduating in December!! We will miss Rexburg so much! It's been a great place to be! 

Vance is growing so big I can hardly believe it!! He is so much fun and keeps me busy all day long! He  will be 6 months on October 5!! Crazy crazy!!! Where did all the time go?! Love him to bits! 

Well here is my first post and I will make sure to write on here as much as I can! wish me luck! 

Here are a couple pictures of Vance!

Waiting for Dad to get home!! 

He loves to play in his chair!